Loulou Bone is a fantastic small business that my husband and I launched, with our furry pups right by our side. When it came to choosing a name, we couldn't resist going with my childhood nickname—it's what all my close friends and family lovingly call me! So, we proudly named this venture Loulou! And if you're curious about "Bone", don't hesitate to ask our furry friends—they're the experts in that department! 

Our creations emphasize quality, comfort, and standout design. We go the extra mile to ensure that our materials are not just visually appealing but also dog-friendly. Our commitment is to infuse the latest fashion trends into modern, comfortable, and practical accessories. This way, you and your beloved pup can look stunning together!

We firmly believe that dogs are more than just our best friends; they're our loyal companions. We believe that you both deserve nothing but the very best! We're excited to embark on this journey with you and your fluffy sidekick, making every moment even more special.

Welcome to the Loulou Bone family!

Gianni & Alexa - Founders



Starting Loulou Bone was more than just a venture, it was a way for us to channel our passion and love for dogs into something meaningful.